The Simple Woman’s Daybook for February 12, 2018

For Today…

Looking out my window I see the happy lights we’re leaving on the deck. They make me happy.

I am thinking that it’s late to put this post together, but so be it.

I am thankful that I got my grocery order placed. Hooray Kroger ClickList! You are my friend.

One of my favorite things is ordering my groceries rather than shopping the store myself.

I am wearing sweats and the new sweatshirt I got from my in-laws for Christmas. I love it.

I am creating that counted cross stitch I started a while ago … I finished the words while watching Olympics last night. Yay, me!

I am listening to the Mason Jar Podcast with Cindy Rollins and David Kern. They were discussing what Mason’s first principle, Children are born persons, means and how it works out in the education of children. I’ve been thinking about this a lot over the past year – what it means when educators talk about children becoming “more human” if they’re already persons. How do we cultivate humanity? Interesting information to assimilate into my thinking.

I am hoping to continue practicing my humble habits. The class has been so profound in my life in making small changes. I worry that after the accountability group on Facebook closes, I’ll lose momentum.

I am learning to take small steps and trust. One of the small steps I’ve learned over the past years is some self-talk: “Sometimes it’s easier to do school than to not do school.”

In my kitchen the pantry was cleaned last week, the fridge was cleaned thoroughly last month. They’re both looking a little bare, but the grocery order should help that situation. I’m trying to not think about cleaning out freezers, but I suspect that ought to be on the horizon as well.

In the school room it’s our last week of the six weeks. I have the Year 7 booklists and schedules printed so I can start ordering books and figuring out what we need to do as we go forward.

Post Script
Later this week, Pam will open the doors to the Homeschool Consistency Boot Camp. We offer this seven week course a couple of times per year and people have told us how much it has changed their homeschool for the better. We teach strategies to help moms accomplish the homeschool gig. You can read more about it on the link above. If you think we can help you, we’d love to have you join.*

*The link is not an affiliate link, but I am the Community Manager for and am compensated for the work I do. If you purchase the Boot Camp, I’ll be paid for my time.

Shared Quote “Love does not seek its own.” 1 Cor 13 was in my Cloud of Witness reading this morning and was quoted several times today. We all needed to hear it. I suspect we’ll need to hear it tomorrow, too.

A moment from my day waiting for the children after choir during which the dog and I walked 1.5 miles with blue skies and plenty of sun. It was cold, but felt good to be out.

Closing Notes: Tomorrow, February 13, 2018, I’ll be the guest on The Homeschool Sisters podcast talking about Homeschool Conventions – the who and what and how and why. It was a great conversation with Kara and Cait. So thankful they invited me. I love their podcast! I’ve listened to every episode despite the fact that I do very little the same way they do. They always make me laugh and think and sometimes we all need to hear someone outside of our little part of the homeschool world. I hope you’ll check them out!

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  1. I discovered that I can get everything on my Target/Fred Meyer list on Amazon, so I haven't really had to set foot in either store unless it's something pretty local.

  2. Lately, I having be seeing so many recommendations for the Cloud of Witnesses book. And then I see yours. Maybe the Lord is trying to tell me something? 😉
    Stopping by from the Simple Woman's link -up.

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