Hi, I’m dawn!

I hate mornings, so for an internet name I chose dusk then added “lady” so people knew girl or boy.  I chose this internet name 20 years ago when I worked for CompuServe.  Do you remember CompuServe? Best job outside the home I ever had.

I’ve blogged since 2001.  Well, not so much when I had toddlers, but once we started homeschooling I blogged a lot more. It’s fun.  It keeps me accountable to the things that need done.  I’ve made wonderful friends and have a good community through blogging. In 2015, I offered my first eBook to the homeschool community: I Am, I Can, I Ought, I Will: Charlotte Mason’s Motto Explained for Upper Elementary Students.  You can download the pdf for free.

My husband, Jason, and I have three children.  We are Christians and members of an Orthodox Presbyterian Church.   We are big fans of Ohio State Football.

I write here about the educational, life journey my children and I are embarked upon. I write about our homeschooling plans and outcomes. The books I read. The thoughts I think.

If I have reviewed curriculum, a book, or some other product I purchased or borrowed it from the library or a friend. There are some books I’m given by friends … but they are always given without expectation of review. I might review it, but I’m really bad at assignments given me by others. I don’t do giveaways. If I write about it, it’s something I’ve chosen to do with no coercion. I don’t have any affiliates … not even Amazon. I work as a Virtual Assistant for Pam Barnhill as her team’s Community Manager.  I would not work for her if I didn’t like the things she did. I am not an affiliate, but my children’s music and extra-curricula fund does benefit if you purchase from her.

This blog is a reflection of me and mine, I hope you enjoy it!

You can also find me here:

I used to frequent the WTM Forums.