2015 Homeschool Changes: Intro and Rationale

As I wrote in my Word of the Year post, I kinda felt like that chain at the end of our school year.  I felt like I had been holding everything together for our homeschool and the tension was pulling too tight and I was going to burst.

I don’t know if I’ve recovered yet, but I’m getting there mentally I think.

It was too much.  Too much to do. Too much spread around. Too much with no breaks. Too much fighting and conflict.  Just too much.

It was too little.  Too little enjoyment.  Too little laughter.  Too little housework and laundry.  Too little love. Way too little of that.

I was emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually drained.  Still am to some extent, truth be told.

I am determined to break the chain instead of me in 2015. Break the cycle.

This series will have to do with what I’m thinking.  I’m thinking aloud here, desiring your participation. Let me know what you think! (Except on this post, I can’t face any sympathy. Serious)

Here’s where I think I may be going with the series (totally subject to change …):

In February, I wrote a post Contemplating the First Six Weeks.

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