Wednesdays with Words: Roots and Plants

Remember those who celebrated the Passover in days gone by, in its unreal and shadowy form; when the command was given to mark their gateposts with the blood of a lamb, they were also sprinkled with hyssop [Exod. 12:22]. This is a lowly and gentle plant, but nothing is stronger or more penetrating than its roots, so that ‘rooted and grounded in love’ we may be able ‘to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth [Eph 3:18].

On Christian Teaching section 149

At sunset, after a day in my study, I follow the swamp path to Milburn Pond. Only a few weeks ago, when I walked this way, the wind was the winter wind, cold and desolate. The frozen earth appeared hard and dead, without hope. Yet all the power of growth, all the wealth of summer’s lushness, was there in compressed tabloid form–in seed and root and winter bud.

Circle of the Seasons, March 26
Edwin Way Teale

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  1. Love this, Dawn! If we are rooted and grounded in His love, the potential “power of growth” – through the Holy Spirit – is ours, regardless of current circumstances. What resurrection hope!

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