Wednesdays with Words: Obstacles and Adventures

I have been prereading for school during January and February.  It’s been wonderful.  Even more wonderful has been the commonplacing that has been coming out of it. So helpful for me! Below is from one of my children’s reads for this week.

What others believed were obstacles, [Theodore Roosevelt] considered adventures. What others thought of as setbacks, he viewed as challenges. Carry a Big Stick by George Grant pg 98

This is the kind of thinking I want my children to read. To struggle through challenge as an adventure – in their play, during hikes, doing a math lesson.  I may hang this one on the wall!



  1. I loved the interview that Circe did with George Grant about Teddy Roosevelt. He is such a fascinating person. I am waiting to read this one with my kids. It is hard though. Teddy's own works are super quotable as well. I hope your child enjoys it.

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