Wednesdays with Words: Brightness and Character

Last week, the quote I offered was from an audio book, this week I’m sharing one from a podcast.

Do you listen to any podcasts? This is a relatively new medium for me.  I’m not very auditory, I mean you saw my sermon notebook where I come as close as I can to transcribing sermons because the very act of writing down helps me to hear better.

But this summer I started trying to follow a few podcasts for walking the dog and vacuuming and cleaning. I’ve enjoyed the exercise. I recommend: Your Morning Basket, Homeschool Snapshots, Read Aloud Revival, The Mason Jar, and Quiddity (the one I linked was my *favorite* talk at the Cincinnati convention this year).

Anyway, I’ve been listening to these podcasts and occasionally something will strike me and I’ll have to stop. This morning, before 7am, I had to stop and voice record quickly (the dog was not happy I stopped) the statement I wanted to note:

I just love that. I mean, I know it in the marrow of my bones, but I certainly don’t always practice it.  I want to aim at character, but sometimes the academics come first … because it’s easier to teach the academics?  I’ve been thinking a lot about this theme in all of my recent reading — Consider This, Teaching from Rest, etc. but I really think Seid summed it up succinctly and clearly for me.

Please remember that your words can be from anywhere … something you heard, something you read, something your kid said … as long as they have stuck in your craw or caught your mind.



  1. Yep- all too often I do the same & aim for something I think I can hit or something that is measurable. This was a good reminder!

    Love, love, LOVE podcasts & the ones you mention are my favs! 🙂 Thanks for getting me hooked!

  2. Oh, and it's kinda funny/cool that your image has flower in it- my post mentions & shows flowers too. Great minds think alike! 🙂

    1. Yep. There's a lot of underlying that needs to be done. Even if I could bookmark on the fly … but the dog doesn't like stopping very much LOL.

  3. Great quote!

    I listened to a Sally Clarkson podcast (At Home with Sally) yesterday and to Nancy Leigh DeMoss on Revive Our Hearts today. Both were an encouragement.

  4. I just cannot with the podcasts and Periscope and whatnot. I really must READ or write. Or both! 😉 The only way I remember something great from a sermon is if I write it down.

    Anyway, that aside, thanks for sharing the encouragement. Sorry to miss this week but I was out of town until tonight. Hope to be back to it next week!

    1. Hope the trip was fun! I was looking for you, always enjoy your submissions, but this is a no-pressure linkup. We're busy moms and we do what we can.

      I know what you mean about listening. I have found that some talking while cleaning or walking helps me out and stay on task. Many of the podcasts are conversational, so I enjoy participating in the conversation without talking … or by thinking about how I'd answer if anyone ever asked me to be on one. So they're enjoyable without being profound -usually. Copying out something, or pausing and recording a thought is unusual. I generally let audiobook wash over me and ride the story.

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