Wednesdays with Words: Everyday Story

I may have something later but not just yet.

OK … now.

I remembered there was a passage I wanted to use, but couldn’t remember where or what. When I picked up the read aloud for Whatchamacallit this morning, I remembered. We’re reading The Good Master by Kate Seredy. It is so good. Everyone always wants more and the lessons are beautifully incorporated.

Kate is a bit of a wild child. She’s a city girl who evidently gets into some trouble and is sent to live with her cousin, aunt, and uncle – the uncle being the title character. Kate has some mischievous ways that are slowly worked through as she lives life on the farm. She sees “Auntie’s” garden and is astounded by the knowledge her aunt has. She begs to grow her own garden and is given permission and instruction.

When her seedlings peek through the dirt, the excitement is almost too much to bear and she calls everyone in the family to her. Her cousin, Jancsi, is not very excited about the seedlings, but his father admonishes him:

“You know, Jancsi, I think something wonderful has happened,” said Father thoughtfully, “It’s such an everyday story to us. We know that seeds will grow into plants. But how? Why?  What makes them? To Kate it’s a miracle–and so it is. Look at those tiny seedlings. See how they struggle up through heavy clumps of earth to reach thelight and sun. We are so used to it that we take it for granted, instead of gettting on our knees to thank the Lord for another gift!” 

He smiled at Kate, “Little mokey, you are teaching me a lesson, too.”

I’ve talked a lot about Wonder here on this blog and what an example of the kind of Wonder I’m hoping to foster in my life and the lives of my children. What a beautiful, exciting thing it is that a seed can become a seedling can become a plant can produce beauty and/or food. And it is just an everyday story.

What other everyday stories are wonderful? As we learn to Attend! may it lead us into Wonder and on the path of the Rule of Six or the Four Ws.




    1. Hi Carol. We are well! It was just late last night and I remembered there was something I wanted to write about but I couldn't remember where or what … but I found it this morning! Always so glad to have you link in. There's actually a post here now (if you're getting this via email).

  1. I often feel like it's just me that gets that sense of wonder about things – my lot don't always show their enthusiasm but then I get glimpses of the evidence that it is there. The other night my 16 & 21 yr olds got home & called out to me to come downstairs quickly. They told me to come outside (it was freezing!)and then showed me a small animal climbing the wall. Then one of them stood on the back of his brother's ute to get high enough to take a photo while we were all shivering and then there was a discussion of what it could be – a baby possum, we think. So good!

  2. I really enjoyed those two books as well. I think I will indulge in a summer re-read. 🙂
    I enjoyed reading both your words and Carol's recent experience with her family.

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