The Simple Woman’s Daybook for October 1, 2018

For Today…

Looking out my window … it is dark. Late.

I am thinking … it’s a little crazy to post this now because there’s a scheduled post at 6am tomorrow.

I am thankful … for blogging as an outlet.

One of my favorite things … my washer and dryer. I’ve run a number of loads of laundry today and I’m glad they’re pretty automated 😉

I am wearing … jammies. Almost ready for bed.

I am creating … an embroidered piece from Clementine Patterns. I’m thrilled with it so far! I’ve made my first real French Knots – so accomplished!

I am reading The Gospel Comes With a House Key by Rosaria Butterfield … I’m thinking about the place of the internet and social media (and blogs) and how that intersects with living in community.

I am hoping … Jason gets home soon. Long day for him.

I am learning … about appetites and affections. I enjoyed this Forma podcast episode when walking the dog.

In my kitchen … I cleaned out my freezers today and am prepping for Baking Day later in the week.

In the school room … I have a kiddo doing makeup work from his camping trip last week, and M-girl has Latin every day over PREP week. We have co-op Wednesday. That seems enough for “break from academics week.”

In my garden … R-girl’s flower garden is still going strong!

Post Script … I see a lot of mamas homeschooling but stumbling along because they lack confidence. It’s a really important factor in homeschooling well, so I wrote about How to Homeschool with Confidence.

Shared Quote … “God declares our identity …” Rosaria Butterfield from pg 33 of The Gospel Comes With a House Key.

A moment from my day … it’s a busy week!

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