The Simple Woman’s Daybook for August 7, 2017

For Today…

Looking out my window … the sky is unrelenting grey. Storms a’comin.

I am thinking … about our school day and what all needs to be accomplished this last week of our term.

I am thankful … that we have this full week to finish.

One of my favorite things … quiet weeks with little on the calendar.

I am wearing … pajamas. I’ll dress for a walk soon.

I am creating … new habits in my children. Even if they don’t want to.

I am reading … Gaudy Night by Dorothy Sayers. I keep laughing, but it’s hard to explain.

I am hoping … to finish it or To Kill A Mockingbird this week.

I am learning … about leadership. The Schole Sisters retreat was about leadership and I keep bumping into the idea elsewhere.

In my kitchen … breakfast for dinner tonight.  I have some cherries that need to be dealt with – maybe those in the Dutch Puff?

In the school room … I really want to get one good week in. Next week the kids will spend with Grammy in alternation, but if we can get through one more full AO week, that would be fantastic.

In my garden … we’ve started to pick grape tomatoes and I picked a tomatillo. Fun!

Shared Quote … “Miss Mason had the wonderful gift of revealing to parents, student, teacher and child their own innate powers and of helping them to use these to the full. She trusted and believed in us and so we dared not fail her.” (In Memoriam, pg 36) How am I trusting and believing in my children so they dare not fail me? Am I helping them to apprehend their own innate powers? How can I?

I determined to read one memorial a day from this book and it has been a fruitful approach. So much to chew upon.

A moment from my day … so, my phone up and died. No pictures 🙁

Closing Notes … as many are returning to school – whether home or not – in the next weeks, it’s my prayer that we would do so in service to God and His glory. All learning is from him and the fruit of all learning toward Him. Through Jesus were all things made, without him not anything was made. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills and He cares for you. May knowledge of that help us ‘dare not fail’ Him. And, oh, what assurance to know that when we do fail, He is gracious to forgive. Amen.

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