Our Weekly Amble for January 2-6, 2017

Back in the saddle.

We’ve had a busy week for our final break week – but much of it has been done at home.

On Monday, we watched football and were mostly slugs. Well, Jason and N-boy took the dog for a hike. And we took down the Christmas tree.  But otherwise we were mostly slugs.

Photo shamelessly stolen from Jason’s Facebook

On Tuesday we did some work in the Homeschool Room cleaning out bins and drawers and storage solutions, and testing markers and tossing a lot of things.

Then we ran to the organ lessons I didn’t realize were scheduled that day. Oops.  That’s OK, we were gifted two months at the Y for Christmas, so I went and set that up and we went back to swim and walk and climb.

On Wednesday, I had Bible Study. M-girl is one of the babysitters, she and N-boy can practice the organ on an organ (not piano), and we got asked to take down the Christmas decorations.  So we did that and hit the grocery on the way home.  Another trip to the Y rounded out our day.

Thursday was N-boy’s 11th birthday.  We had a morning of play, attended a monthly organ recital at the church where they take lessons (a former student of the academy was the organist!), and ran some errands.  A quiet afternoon where mommy worked on some planning – and procrastinated by doing “fun” planning tasks rather than necessary ones and then dinner out to celebrate.

Today I’ve been sitting at the table planning all day. The children cleaned the house – bathrooms, family room, foyer, dusted, etc. I need to vacuum and mop (and clean my tub) and clean the kitchen. That feels do-able. We have a family birthday party to host on Sunday afternoon, so tomorrow a trip to the grocery and finishing those chores is in the cards.

Anyway, I’ve been planning. I’m not tidy at that job, but I’m accomplishing some things, so I’m pleased.

One of the things I’ve been wanting to do is create a Weekly Review form and a Weekly Prep combining ideas from Mystie Winckler and Celeste Cruz (and Jennifer Mackintosh).  I’ve already made an edit to Ponder Previous Week; I added “Clean out purse.”

If you look closely at the first task, it’s writing this post … think that’ll help me accomplish it more regularly?

I’m certain there’ll be edits to this as well but I haven’t really started in on it!

We’re getting ready to start AOY5 Term 3

This is the back of the above, a place for notes, questions, plans, ephemera about the pre-reading I’ve done.  Because I’m going to pre-read this year. Lord willing.

Last year, we got into a good rhythm for lessons and learned to Attend! in a better way. I’m simply trying to }pacify{ the process 😉

So, I have more planning to do – a list of printing/copying that needs to be done, skim through and change up some things in Whatchamacallit, print our first day of school traditional forms and make sure we have people for our self portraits (you can see a video of me talking about those here.).  Then I need to do that pre-reading [eep]  So I should stop typing this and start getting to work.

Happy 2017, everyone!


  1. Hi! I've interacted with you via Pam B and Mystie's stuff before, but first time to comment on your blog. Mystie listed you and a INFJ in the planner email, and I had to check it out. Oh, my. I love those planning lists. I am not the type that can create such beautiful pages, but I love using them. I might just have to try. (I can be super indecisive!)

    1. I'm happy to share – email me ladydusk at gmail and I can forward them on 🙂 I love having structure with flexibility. That's what these are providing currently!

    2. YES! Absolutely! I also checked out your site because Mystie listed you as an INFJ, and I am a fellow INFJ!

    1. I keep hoping to streamline. But it takes a long time because of the menu planning & prereading. The rest goes relatively quickly.

  2. HelloL my mom's name is Dawn. Great name! 😀 Found you as an INFJ and would love any tips you have! I am gearing up to homeschool again after a break. Four kids, 10, 7,4,1. God's blessings!

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