I can’t contain this quote

“There were more things to do, more new things to learn, than could possibly be done and learned if one had to stop every hour and start doing something else. Michael liked this way much better. It was … it was like walking through the woods and meeting the little creatures and the trees and the plants in it, in person, and so learning about them, instead of learning their names from a big book, a page to each new thing, with a stiff, dead-looking picture of it to look at.” Kate Seredy, The Chestry Oak pg 189

This book is just spectacular. Reading it aloud might kill me though; I cry every chapter. Joyful and sad and beautiful and harsh and doubtful and ultimately hopeful. I have yet to read a Seredy book that wasn’t just fabulous (this is our fourth … we own one more).


  1. I'm doomed. This is going to be our next read-aloud. When I cry I'll remind my kids I didn't cry once in The Fellowship of the Ring (our current read-aloud)!!

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