From the Mind of M-girl: A “Souper” Supper

M-girl has asked if on occasion she can write some posts for the blog.  Who am I to say no? (Oh, her mommy and the owner of ladydusk) I won’t say no because I think it’s a grand idea!

She’s 10 years old, loves to read, is excited about cooking once a week, loves words and her friends.  She is a favorite with the toddler crowd at church, with many of them hanging all over her whenever they can.  This may be because she reads them stories and romps with them.  It is likely because she’s fun and creative. She’s also a favorite with many of the adults in our congregation, particularly one of our great-grandmothers who thinks M-girl is amazing and wonderful simply because she talks with her regularly.
And her mommy thinks she’s great because she plays piano and sings hymns for her whenever asked. Well that’s not the only reason, but since she’s sitting here blushing as she reads over my shoulder, we’ll let it go at that.  Self-conscious I think we call that.  She comes by it naturally.
Without further ado, here’s M-girl:

Recently, I’ve been trying to cook dinner every Tuesday.
This week, Mommy asked me to use Mrs. Winckler’s new cookbook, Simplified Dinners for New Cooks.  Mommy printed it out for me, and I was looking through it when I saw ‘Cheesy Potato Soup.’  I thought that sounded good, and it was.

After I chose the soup, I had to make a grocery list. Since soup isn’t enough for dinner at my house, I had to find something to go with it, too. So we bought garlic bread and salad stuff and had salad, soup, and bread for dinner.

I would suggest cutting your potatoes and onions before starting your soup. It was relatively easy to make, it just takes a little effort. It’s a fun thing to do with your siblings.

Here, N-boy and I are cutting potatoes.

R-girl helped by washing potatoes, peeling the onion most of the way, as well as adding  ingredients to and stirring the soup.

It works even if you don’t follow the directions and just throw everything in, like I did. It was cool that I could make it all on my own.

Next time I think I would like to try some blue cheese in place of cheddar, but it was really good anyway.

I’m hoping that I can try more recipes from this book, next week and the week after that.

Dawn here, I’m so excited she wanted to post about her adventures in cooking! I’m almost as excited about her writing a blog post as I was about her cooking on Tuesday night!  I was not feeling my tip-top, and she took control of the meal while I sat on the couch.  She asked a few questions, but was able to execute almost everything by herself … or with her siblings (but not execute said siblings!) 
If you’re interested in the cookbook, you should go over to Mystie’s place or Candace’s place and buy Simplified Dinners for New Cooks! She has a coupon code for the pdf file right now (and Candace has an even better coupon *and* a chance to win a copy!)  You can also buy it for Kindle, like I did for M-girl’s perusal. Mystie generously gave me a copy to review with no expectations of a review.  The opinions expressed in this post are totally mine or M-girl’s.  Our opinion is that this is a great resource and it was worth the purchase price for me to put it on M-girl’s Kindle.
Edit to add: Mystie gave us our own coupon code: ‘ladydusk’ for 25℅ off when you order the pdf at her link! The coupon is good through March 7, 2015. But you can still enter Candace’s giveaway too 🙂


  1. Thank you, M-girl! I love this line: "It works even if you don't follow the directions and just throw everything in, like I did." — that's exactly how I cook, too, so I try to pick and write recipes that still work out just fine when I don't bother to read them. 🙂 I love the sound of adding blue cheese!

    1. Next time we're going to work on direction following and getting our ingredients ready first. Of course, I (dawn) am a terrible example of this and should work on doing so myself 😉

      M-girl says Thank you!

  2. Great supper and post, M-girl! This looks like something that would be helpful around here – just ordered it with the coupon. 🙂

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