Book Review: Paradise Lost by Milton

Paradise LostParadise Lost by John Milton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

More than a little hubris to “review” Paradise Lost. I am glad I listened to it while I followed along reading it … that kept me going with forward progress and not get bogged down in the details. It would be so easy to want to follow every allusion, seek out every footnote, but for a first reading, just reading was exactly what I needed. Now I can dip in and out and seek out more and why Milton wrote the things he wrote.

I do have concerns with “fictionalizing” scripture and things hid from or not elaborated in scripture. At times, I was a little put off/taken aback by his portrayal of Eve, it felt … condescending and patronizing.

Overall, though, I enjoyed reading this. I really liked reading it alongside Lewis’ Space Trilogy. I feel like the end of Perelandra took many cues from Paradise Lost. There were so many connections I made as I read.

I enjoyed the Simon Vance audio from Audible. I haven’t yet read Paradise Regained as it wasn’t on the audiobook.

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