2015 Homeschool Changes: Spiritual Changes


This one isn’t entirely homeschool related, but enough that it fits into the discussion.

I have tried over the past couple of years to read the Bible for personal devotions using Grant Horner’s Bible Reading program (described here by Tim Challies).  And when I’m in it, I love it.  It is a fantastic way to read the Bible, except it takes a lot of time.  Maybe I’ll try again someday.

The kids were recently asking me about devotions they could do.  I would like them to read the whole Bible. They asked me for devotional book to help them understand.  I think we’ll try D A Carson’s For the Love of God. Together. My prayer is that if we all read together we’ll all encourage one another.

I would also like to pray better.  To that end, I’m going to attempt to follow my friend Candace’s example of praying the scriptures (you should check her blog: His Mercy Is New).  Her resources are fantastic, and she has created a printable of 31 days worth of verses to pray for the New Year. And, during school, we’re going to do as Brandy does with her Prayer Box. We will also continue with our Bible program, Covenantal Catechism during Circle Time.

I’m going to schedule this time right after breakfast. And, possibly, right after dinner.

This is all I’m going to do. I’m not going to add this prayer journal, that extra book, this list, that reading.  I’m not even going to ask you what you’re going to do.


  1. A great place to begin!!! I'm praying the Lord brings you all refreshment in 2015. I've been where you're at- God's constantly directeing me to see the beauty of doing less by focusing more on the basics. But more than doing, He shows me the need to have peace of spirit (which only comes through the Spirit!).

    In 2015, we are getting back to a thanksgiving journal- this time as a family!

    1. We've done a thankful jar. We did well with it in 2013 but not so well in 2014. Suppose that is indicative? That's a great reminder. Thanks!

  2. How did it go with the D.A. Carson book? Are you still using it? I like the idea of reading the whole Bible together. I've been using Allison Burr's idea of Bible at Breakfast, having the kids read their own Bibles at their own level. But I like this idea, too. (Told you I was going to show up on old posts! ha!)

  3. Utter, abject failure. I still like the idea (and the book). It is available as a blog for free, too.

    The best I've ever done is a podcast Bible when I was walking better. Wish my ankle would heal. Or maybe it's just going to hurt.

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