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Yesterday I was afraid I’d run out of things to talk about, then as I crawled into bed, I remembered there was one other thing I wanted to comment on and post the link to.

I’ve been a huge supporter (window stickers in my car and everything) of Radio-U since before they came on the air (I listened to test broadcasts once I found out they were going to exist). Radio-U is a youth oriented Christian Rock/Alternative/Rap/Hardcore/etc. Radio station, growing media outlet, that started in Columbus, Ohio 5 years ago. I like the music, I like a lot of the message, I think they’re doing good things and reaching today’s youth for Christ. I don’t, however, always like the theology I hear in the background – the name it-claim it nature seems quite prevalent. I was told once that I have to learn to let God bless me – over a keychain the station owner wanted to give me!!! As I’ve been learning more and more about Reformed Theology (check out the Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics) in the past year and have grown in a deeper direction with the Lord, I must admit that the attitudes of what blessings are and the generally Arminian nature (even their stance against predestination and other Biblical doctrines) of the station’s evangelistic effort have begun to leave me cold. I do believe God is working through them, I don’t always agree with their methods. I will continue to support the station, though, until I no longer see it bearing fruit.

What else … I guess that’s all for now, I may say some more later about the arms sale to Taiwan or some such, but I think its time for dinner.

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