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Well … I guess I haven’t said anything of consequence yet. I’m first having to learn how to not only use this web application but learn more about html than I’d expected. Hopefully, my darling husband Jason will help me out, but for now I’m doing homework – you’ll just have to be patient.

Otherwise, I’m struggling through Mere Christianity. This seems to be a must read for thinking Christians, but I have to admit a lot of Lewis’ philosphical arguments about how the atheist doesn’t have a leg to stand upon really pass by me.

Other books of note, I just finished The Prayer of Jabez which I hadn’t heard of until Easter but now seem to see it everywhere in Christian circles. Frankly, this book disturbs me. It claims to not be of the ‘name it, claim it’ Christian persuasion, then manages to head directly there. Also, Wilkinson seems to have taken one little verse out of the Old Testament and created his own theology around it that doesn’t really cull scripture from the rest of the Bible very much.

I’ve been a huge Francine Rivers
fan for several years and her novella series called ‘The Lineage of Grace’ has yet to disappoint. The only book of hers I don’t highly recommend is The Scarlet Thread, but it isn’t horrible – just too mushy for my style. Most of her books are not purely romantic novels (despite where Amazon categorizes them) and are well worth the read.

Purely on the fun side of my reading, I also just finished the new Mitford book by Jan Karon: A Common Life. It was light and fun and a very easy read. While I enjoyed it because I really enjoy her Mitford characters, I must admit to being slightly disappointed. It didn’t have much of the small-town drama or story-weaving that the rest of the series had. I’ll be looking for more from her – but I’ll quickly lose interest if new books continue in this pattern.

Well, I’d best stop now, or there won’t be anything to say tomorrow.

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