Word for the Year 2023

Do you have a Word for the Year for 2023?

Have you started considering how you’re going to approach it, think about it, implement it?

Have you ever done a Word for the Year before? Was it a helpful exercise? Why or why not?

My word for 2023 is going to be “keep” … I keep (ha!) running into it in my Bible reading, particularly in the Psalms. Today, I ran into it in my last challenge book for 2022, The Intellectual Life, “Keep your soul free.” pg 235

I plan to mark all of the times “keep” is used in my Bible reading; I use a midlighter for that the last two years – seek and judge. I’ll choose a different color for keep.

I also want to make more of an emphasis on my cm-style keeping in 2023; I want to improve that habit. (improve, establish … same thought right?) In particular, I plan to emphasize my ScholĂ© Sisters 5×5 Journal in 2023 even as I keep up with tracking books in GoodReads.

I may make a list of things to keep and things not to keep; I’ve found over the years that my word tends to have both a positive and a negative object associated with it.

I plan to read Elisabeth Elliot’s book Keep a Quiet Heart for my devotions for the year.

Some of my previous words – revel, attend, pacify, conform, commune, engage, seek, judge. What about you? I always learn something, I love the exercise each year.


  1. Keep. . . I love it. I can see how it can be a good guide. “Keep a Quiet Heart” was my reading when nursing #2 and it was just the mommy-inspiration I needed at the time.

    I haven’t done a word for the year in a very long time, but am this year — Audit.

    With “audit” I am focusing on a careful accounting, a systematic review, and learning for interest.

    I’m not sure how or whether it is related, but for this year I’m meditating on Romans 9:12, “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”

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