Wednesdays with Words: Surrender … Take On

I’m very slowly (very slowly) reading Sarah Mackenzie’s Teaching from Rest. A couple of weeks ago I posted a quote from the Introduction.  Now, I’m posting from early in the first chapter. Seriously, slowly.
But, the ideas from her words make an impact and require mulling and turning over and over – at least for me. And I’m not what you would generally call “Type A.”
Those who know me laughed out loud at that.
No, I’m pretty laid back, almost to the derelict of duties rather than the gung-ho accomplishing of them.  So, in this case, Sarah’s words take on two meanings for me.
First, in school, I am kinda get ‘er done, do what I planned, don’t derail me. I do lose my temper kinda too quickly.  So for Sarah to tell me to surrender my plans to God’s providential plans for the day because he trumps me.  Well, that is fantastic.
But she doesn’t stop there, she goes on to tell me to get off my duff and take on, energetically, purposefully, actively do what God has planned for the day.  
Teaching from Rest is challenging me to meet in the middle.  To plan my route, yes.  To be ok when switched onto another track, yes. To follow the rails to the Lord’s destination, yes. We have the same destination in mind – that Celestial City – but he knows the best route. Like writing this post, I had a different graphic all made and this verbal image of the tracks overrode my original image.  I’m letting the first go.

Here’s the deal, I think you could replace the word “homeschool” out of the above sentence and it would make as much sense: The ideal homemaker’s day. The ideal child’s day. The ideal blogger’s day. What if you took the modifier out entirely? “Surrender your idea of what the ideal day is supposed to look like …”
But she challenges us.  We don’t only surrender. We don’t give up entirely.  We take on.  There is work set before us, and we must do it.  I like the emphatic “with both hands” too … not lackadasically do we take on the day that is, but with joy and enthusiasm we take that day on.  
And, now you know why I’m reading very slowly.



  1. "We have the same destination in mind – that Celestial City – but he knows the best route." So true.

    I read "Teaching from Rest" quite awhile ago, but kind of flew through it. It was wonderful, but I need to reread it, slowly.

  2. I read the book last week in one sitting but I am thinking I need to read it again but slower this time around so the words and ideas can reach my soul.

    1. I am feeling very distracted – with good things – right now, so a couple of pages at a time is feeling like the perfect amount! I can imagine going through it very quickly, though too. The paper book has more than the ebook did, too.

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