Wednesdays with Words: Hedges and Fields

“Fields and hedges, hedges and fields? Peace and plenty, plenty and peace. However, it may seem dull, now that the grass is cut; but you would not have said so two months ago, when the fields were all golden-green with buttercups, and the whitethorn hedges like crested waves of snow.”

Charles Kingsley, Madam How, Lady Why

Like last week, authority and boundaries lead to peace.

I wish I weren’t so dense or incapable of putting that into practice.

I don’t expect there will be an Our Weekly Amble post this week because I get to meet Cindy Rollins this weekend at CiRCE’s Kindred Conference. If you didn’t know, this linkup started on Cindy’s old Ordo-Amoris blog and she kindly allowed me to take it over when she retired. I’ve longed to meet Cindy for years and years and am so excited to finally have the opportunity!!  I’ll be traveling with two friends there all day Friday and home Saturday evening after the conference, so I won’t be able to bemoan how this week has gone.  Not that you want to hear that anyway.

I hope to have some good Wednesdays with Words out of the weekend … and I’m sure there’ll be some overgramming as well. I’m very excited to visit with my friend Heather and meet a number of other virtual friends for the first time. I bought a new outfit so selfies won’t be such anathema 😉



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