Wednesdays with Words: Deliverance

There are gems to be found in a reading from Robinson Crusoe and they always surprise me and make me think.

So often we think sin and affliction are inexorably tied together, one and the same.  But Defoe cuts those lines so we see clearly that while our affliction may result from our sin, God’s work of deliverance from sin makes our afflictions pale in comparison.

If you posted last week … since I didn’t … please feel free to link last week’s selections and this week’s! I’m sorry to have missed them.



  1. I haven't read Robinson Crusoe with my kids yet – oldest is only Y3 – but read it for myself last year and was surprised by how many rich little nuggets like that were tucked away in it. 🙂

    1. I've never read it, although my husband has a couple of times. We're reading it at the dinner table very slowly as part of our Y4 literature. I'm starting to fear we'll never finish it!

  2. One of my grandfathers LOVES Robinson Crusoe. It's just about the only novel he admits to reading. 😉 My husband read it a few years back but I somehow have never gotten around to it.

    1. Nope, never really made much headway in classics, I'm afraid. Jason read it a couple of times when he was a kid, but I've never tried before.

  3. Great book- a fav of ours. Though I've never read it aloud- we've listened to an audiobook & the two older children have read it.

  4. I read it years ago but really enjoyed revisiting it on a very good audio version with my dd earlier this year.

  5. PS I'm enjoying Mansfield Park so much more the second time around. I gobbled up the last few Austen books about 13 years ago when my husband gave me some 'long service leave' to visit a close friend on the other side of the country. I sat up very late each night to finish them because I had no children, homeschooling or housework to do for 10 days. Gobbling Austen's books isn't satisfying.

    1. I'm so glad! I love love love Mansfield Park. I think the second time is better than the first, I know I was blindsided by Henry Crawford just like everyone but Fanny was the first time. She shows me how to be wise 🙂

  6. Hi, Dawn! I was going to link up but it appears the link up is closed or something is wrong on my end? Odd.

    I am currently reading Crusoe with my daughter. So many great conversations to have!

    1. Hi Sharon! Sorry I missed last week. We had VBS and that saps everything I have. Feel free to link to today's post with last week's link.

      Crusoe is so good, yes?

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