Wednesdays with Words: “all in” all the time?

I’ve been reading Crazy Busy by Kevin DeYoung for a year now – mostly because I have been both  crazy busy and avoidant. It’s not a long book; quite short in fact, but strongly convicting.

On Sunday, I decided that I needed a sabbath from the internet. The desire to be on Facebook or scrolling Instagram is becoming compulsive; and that gives me access to the work I do for Pam Barnhill, too, which becomes tempting to “just check real quick.” So I decided to turn my phone to Airplane mode for the day and be present with family and congregants.

That meant that when I got home Sunday evening, I had to find something else to do – and I picked up Crazy Busy. Coincidentally (Ha! or not), I was on the chapter “Rhythm and Blues” which is about rest and sabbath rest.

We may think that more work is the answer to our decreasing drive and goldfish-like attention span, but rest is often the antidote we really need. Sometimes the best preparation is a wandering, soul-enriching procrastination. Take a nap, throw the Frisbee, sing a song, and then write the paper. The land won’t produce a harvest if it never lies fallow. We can’t be “all in” all the time. Just think of the Israelite calendar. It had times for feasting and times for fasting. It was for their piety, and their productivity that God put them on a predictable pattern filled with daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, annual, and multi-year rhythms. (pg 94, emphasis his)

 I need Sundays with less connectivity. What do you need rest from?

Which leads to my announcement. It seems Wednesdays with Words as a blog linkup has run its course. I may still write posts here that fit into the format from time to time, but I’m going to move to Instagram full time. Won’t you join me with a book photo, page photo, or graphic of the quote for the week? I’ll be using the #WednesdaysWithWords hashtag and invite you to do the same.

Thank you for your participation over the last couple of years; I have enjoyed reading along with you.


  1. Aw, I was about to link up for the first time, but it wouldn't be worth saving for me–I'm a sporadic blogger anyway.

    I'll be following the hashtag on Instagram. 🙂

    Crazy Busy sounds like a great book. I'm in that kind of season now, and I kept working straight through what was supposed to be my "personal time" last night, so this quote was timely.

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