The Simple Woman’s Daybook for July 16, 2018

For Today…

Looking out my window … it’s been rainy and now will just be hot and humid.

I am thinking … about some upcoming blog posts – adding to my scaffolding series and one on the “riches.”

I am thankful … for the Set Your Feet Retreat and how well it went last week and that I got to spend a great deal of time with Karen Glass.

One of my favorite things … spending time with like-minded mamas and thinking about important things.

I am wearing … khaki shorts I forgot about and one of my favorite tops – navy blue peasant style with light blue embroidery.

I am creating … a couple of guest posts. I finished the easy one this morning and still have the hard one to go …

I am reading … Consider This by Karen Glass because I never quite finished it. I’m so close to being done, I just need to finish it. It’s so good.

I am hoping … to read Know and Tell next.

I am learning … to try fewer things at once. I get so excited and start something when I should stick with what I’ve already started.

In my kitchen … I need to get back to cooking. Baseball/Softball season is over, soccer season has yet to begin I need to make a plan.

In the school room … everyone is having a hard time being serious about lessons today – the first day after camp.

In my garden … we still need to plant R-girl’s flowers. And check the plants from my brother.

Post Script … I’m very excited to attend Brandy and Dawn Duran’s day-long webinar for Vibrant CM Communities on 7/28. Should be informative and helpful! Our community is working on a fuller day, so I’m excited to see what they have to say.

A moment from my day … Saturday night dinner was Zucchini Pizza thanks to my brother’s over-abundance 🙂

Closing Notes: CharlotteMasonIRL is hosting the second week of our Planning Festival. Last week was fantastic and today’s posts so far have continued in that vein. Join us?

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    1. Me too! I should vox you – we're going more all-in on the co-op thing and I'm excited about the possibilities 🙂

    2. Please, do! I saw your name on my voxer screen a few days ago and thought, "I'm going to send Dawn a vox – just because." And then promptly neglected to do so." 🙁

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