The Simple Woman’s Daybook for January 1, 2018

For Today…

Looking out my window … it’s bitterly cold and snowy. I went out long enough to pull the lights off the tree and scooted myself back inside.

I am thinking … that I love Bowl Season. Great stories, exciting football. Wins and upsets. Lots of teams end the year with a win. Good stuff.

I am thankful … for the blessings of 2017 and am hopeful going into 2018.

One of my favorite things … New Year’s Day … Football, food, family.

I am wearing … jammies. Cause, relaxing. Time for the Rose Bowl.

I am creating … an embroidery project from Clementine Patterns.

I am reading … Norms and Nobility and Beauty in the Word. Again. With reading groups. But I think I can!

I am hoping … to get a lot accomplished this week – cleaning, planning, baking ahead.

I am learning … about using little habits to grow larger habits. If you get a chance, check out Mystie’s new course, Humble Habits {affiliate link} starting Friday. If you buy it with this link, send an email to info@pambarnhill.com for a free Facebook accountability group that Pam and I are running. Access only through tonight, but you can sign up for the course for a while yet!

In my kitchen … I’ve been making a breakfast and lunch schedule for the first term. I also am making a list for morning snack or “Second Breakfast”

In the school room … last week I divided up our books for the first 12 weeks. This week I hope to do some pre-reading and make some charts for the kids. I also am making some space for assignments like keeping and nature study.

In my garden … there are 4-5″ of snow …

Post Script … this is a good week to check out @CharlotteMasonIRL … As we begin a new year, our group of curators is introducing ourselves. We wanted to give people a chance to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas and get back to school. But we have almost 9 months of shares and content about homeschooling and Charlotte Mason In Real Life. If you’re on IG, we’d love for you to join our community.

Shared Quote … from today’s Cloud of Witness:

“Thou canst not choose but serve,–man’s lot is servitude,–
But thou hast thus much choice, a bad lord or a good.” – R.C. Trench

A moment from my day … big kids take down the tree. It’s a beautiful thing 🙂

Closing Notes:
My friends, I do hope to return to more regular blogging this year. I appreciate your participation here and I pray that you enjoy a blessed 2018. 

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  1. Good to see you posting again. I've missed WwW. 😉 I'd love to join the Beauty in the Word book club if that was possible.

  2. Thanks for linking to the Clementine Patterns, I was looking for something like that but didn’t know where to start. All the neat embroidery I’ve seen on IG during Advent really has made me want to give it a try. However, as a rank beginner, I know I’ll have a lot more success if I can start with something like one of their kits.

    I really enjoy the CMIRL posts and community, but I wish I could somehow get IG to show me the posts! They almost never come up on my feed, I have to remember to seek them out. So strange. Maybe I should comment multiple times in each one for a bit and see if that helps. :-D. Does IG work that way??

    Happy reading! I still need to buy N&N (groan) but I’m looking forward to it.

    1. Hi Amber. Yes! The one I have here is an "Intermediate" pattern, but I got M-girl a "Beginner" pattern and it looks just perfect.

      You can try the commenting thing – IG's algorithms sometimes work that way and sometimes are a mystery to me! – or you could go to the profile of any IG account you want and click on the three dots in the corner. One of the options is "Turn on Notifications" so all of our posts will show in your feed.

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