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I finished Christians in a .com World this week. It ended up pretty well. The first part would be good for anyone not familiar with the ‘net or who was vaguely familiar. I’m glad I read it, though I found it pretty dull, because it helped to put a historical context around events and information that I already knew from a previous employer. The last part was good, though. It discussed how Christians could use the web for good and to re-introduce Christ and theology into modern culture and conversation. It also discussed how Christians should not use the web and reminded us that we should avoid temptations on the web as we do in our everyday – that we should set boundaries that police ourselves and our children. In other words – use discernment.

So, for you web-savvy folk who aren’t interested too much in what e-mail is, the history of the computer, thoughts about community on the web (both the positives, the pitfalls, and the posibility of solitude), and the history of the web, I recommend that you definitely skip to Chapter 5 and read the discussions on the good and bad of the ‘net and that you possibly skip all the way to the concluding section of Christianity Online. It seems a shame that a discussion of Christians in a .com World has to wait until the very last 32 pages to speak on that topic.

My final thoughts? Excellent tool for someone who knows little to nothing about computers or the web, kind of dull for someone who does.

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