Book(let) Review: As Reality Dawns by Carolyn Weber (not that Carolyn Weber)

As Reality Dawns (Becoming Women of Distinction)As Reality Dawns by Carolyn Weber
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This was a talk that was printed up as a booklet. I thought it was by Carolyn Weber of Surprised by Oxford and Holy is the Day authorship, but it is a different Carolyn Weber.

It was worth my reading this morning to remind me of straightforward truths about waking to reality and living it as a child of God. She helps us to remember God’s providence and sovereignty over our paths; to not succumb to fear & panic, grumpiness, stress & intimidation, uselessness, or discontentment. She helped me to remember to engage in this life:

When reality becomes a normal routine, it is easy to forget that tomorrow may never come. We just assume that tomorrow will always be the same as today. But if we want to live with purpose then we need to embrace the moment and not just cope with it. Tomorrow may never come. Page 25-26, emphasis mine

I probably would not have bought this without the misunderstanding about the author, and I don’t think it’s necessarily all that special, but it did encourage me this morning.

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