Book Review: Discipline: The Glad Surrender by Elisabeth Eliot

Discipline, the Glad SurrenderDiscipline, the Glad Surrender by Elisabeth Elliot
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Eliot here packs a punch. None of this seems very revolutionary, yet all of it is meaningful. She uses the scripture as a measuring rod and puts our thoughts, deeds, words, actions, even our feelings up against it. She shows our deficiencies with grace, she gives corrective lenses and suggestions to turn to Christ in all things. He is the author and perfecter of our faith – he wrote, lived, finished, completed, ran the race perfectly and so is glorified. His example is what we follow, His Spirit along with the Word is our teacher. Listen, trust, obey. It’s much easier said than done! But, there is grace for all things. Praise be to God.

She writes in a generally readable, colloquial style. Not fancy, but plain. Reading is deceptively easy, until you consider living as she instructs.

Note that I began this a year ago. I’m working to finish previously begun books and clear out my “currently reading” shelf. The deficiencies are all in me, not in the book.

One to re-read and give to my daughters … later.

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