2015 Homeschool Changes: Habits


Charlotte Mason’s idea of Habit Training and Mystie’s Interval Training are going to merge for us. Six weeks sounds like a good amount of time to start new habits.

I’m pretty sure we’re going to start on those Bible Reading and exercise habits I’ve talked about in the series, but here are some resources I’m looking at:

Simply Charlotte Mason: Laying Down the Rails  (I own the book; I’m hoping I can borrow Anna’s copy of the videos again)
Simply Charlotte Mason: Smooth and Easy Days (free ebook)
Charlotte Mason Help: Habit Training
Afterthoughts: 31 Days of Charlotte Mason: Habit Formation 101 {Day 9}
Afterthoughts:31 Days of Charlotte Mason: The Flip Side of Habit Training by Naomi Goegan {Day 27}

Where would you start? What other resources should I review?


  1. I also really like Brandy's series called CM 101….it's available when you subscribe to her site and has links to CM's original work as well as blog posts on each topic.

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