The Simple Woman’s Daybook for March 6, 2017

For Today…

Looking out my window … it’s dark already. How’d this day go so quickly?

I am thinking … about Nature Study and Keeping.

I am thankful … for Kroger ClickList where I can do my grocery shopping from my laptop and pick it up when it’s convenient. I think I said that before, but I just finished my order from the comfort of my office chair before I started to write this post.

One of my favorite things is my Mudlove bracelet. It reflects my Word for the Year: }pacify{ and its purchase helps provide water to others who are less fortunate.

I am wearing … black and white sweatshirt and jeans. And socks. Because my feet are cold.

I am creating … new plans for Ambleside Online Year 6.  The planning is the fun part, right?

I am reading listening to … Season 2 of the Netflix Voltron.  My kids are enjoying it while they eat dinner this evening. There have to be some fun things when Daddy has an evening meeting.

I am hoping … that bedtime goes well … I have to do R-girl’s expander and N-boy’s eye drops.  Fun.

I am learning … about teaching from various sources – Handbook of Nature Study, George Washington Carver bio the children are reading, sermons, The Living Page.  Many thoughts are swirling.

In my kitchen … we’re enjoying leftover night.  Good for the night before grocery pickup.

In the school room … well, in school today, M-girl began watching the Lost Tools of Writing videos. I suspect they’re mostly for the teacher, but she’s enjoying them.

Post Script
I’ve been using the Spiral Notebook assignment system for a little more than a year now. I’m very curious about using Trello, though.

Shared Quote
“…ulterior motive is sickening to the honest spirit.” Anna Bosford Comstock The Handbook of Nature Study, p 16 … talking about sneaking one study into another and why that is dangerous as a teacher. There’s integration and correlation and there’s sneakiness.

A moment from my day

Bible reading in the morning

Math too.

Closing Notes:
One other topic I’ve been thinking about is curiosity vs. wonder vs interest. How do they work together? Are some better than others? Do they build? If in Classical Education we’re ordering affections, what is the proper ordering of these?

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  1. Enjoyed reading your post. We homeschool as well. I'm intrigued by the spiral notebook method. Both my daughters have asked for a schedule they can mark off and this looks like just the thing. Thanks for sharing it.

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