The Simple Woman’s Daybook for February 1, 2016

For Today… I love February

Outside my window…. It’s gray and 40*.

I am thinking… about direct objects. We just watched our Latin for Children A lesson. Chapter 20. Will we every finish this book?

I am thankful… for my nephew who is celebrating his 3rd birthday today.

I am wearing… jeans, blue printed long sleeved tshirt and blue hooded cardigan sweater.

I am creating… my bullet journal layout for today.

I am going… to clean the dog vomit under the dining room table. aren’t you glad I shared?

I am wondering… if the children are going to get moving on their schoolwork.

I am just finished reading… The Green Ember. We enjoyed the audiobook as a family.

I am hoping… to finish a couple of other books this week.

I am learning… via podcast and loving it.

In my kitchen… the bananas are going over the hill. Time to make more banana bread.  Or maybe some muffins. I have a bunch to use.

In my garden… is mud.

In the homeschool… we are reading about Abigail Adams and the rush toward the Constitution.

A favorite quote for today…”This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Reminding ourselves of truths means we can fake it till we make it. Hope I make it soon.

A peek into one of my days… Somehow, M-girl, got a whole lot more grownup without me noticing.

One of my favorite things… hearing my children playing on the piano whether it is their organ or piano music.

From the board room… It’s February! What ideas have I saved for the month?

Post Script… Amy at Hope is the Word Blog is starting to post her end-of-the-month reads including what used to go in her Read Aloud Thursday post. She’s shutting down the linkup (sad!) but will still share her read alouds. Go check out what she’s been reading!

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  1. Oh my gosh!! Even before I read "Aren't you glad I shared", I already had a smile on my face an thought, "she's keepin' it real!' Goes with dogs, though. Good to know your enjoy the piano/organ music. I filled our house with enough of it too, but you know, my mother would always stop and listen and sometimes stand near the piano for a moment nefore going back to her work.

    1. So glad I could make someone happy with my dog story this morning. It actually went pretty well because we have one of those Bissell spot-vacuums. We have an open floor plan so I can listen anywhere in the house.

  2. I used to listen to podcasts. I need to search these out again! Hope you got that dog vomit cleaned up LOL Have a happy week!!

  3. M-girl has gotten so big all of a sudden! I remember meeting you in person right after you found out you were pregnant with her.

    1. She has! It's the hair though. Her cousin's 3rd birthday party was yesterday and he didn't like her hair up. When she pulled the pins out and left the braids, she still looked like a little girl <3

  4. I enjoyed reading this! How did you put up that photo of your pinning board? Hmmm…I'll have to think about that one…

    1. It's really easy. Open the board you want to post. Press the three dots at the top and choose 'embed' A window pops up with the code you need. Copy that code, paste it where you want it. Voilà! Board on blog!

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