Book Review: Watches of the Night by Sally S Wright

Watches of the NightWatches of the Night by Sally S. Wright

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I started this one shortly after finishing Out of the Ruins.  It took me a little longer than other reading as I got distracted by an Elisabeth Elliott book and my friend Mystie’s book at the same time.

I also have to admit that I was more tentative because I knew the climax was going to be, if not frightening, difficult reading.  I care about these characters at this point and don’t want to see them harmed and the villain was very villainous. 

Wright let you know early that the danger was real and coming.  Written as something that had happened, the narrator let us know that Kate, looking back, knew that was when the trouble began.  She had clear sight as she looked back.

“Watches” in the title is apropos.  This book dealt primarily with sight and seeing.  Ben doesn’t see something during the war, but “sees” it with his minds’ eye, understanding more than the situation warrants.  One character builds an animal blind so he can see and observe.  He sees something in Kate’s room that disturbs him.  His vision is clear when he works on a mural.  He evaluates objects (artwork, books, jewelry) to establish their value through careful inspection.  He searches, sees, and plans.  He considers and comes to a solution.  Seeing he sees.  He is wise because his vision is established in what he believes. 

The timing, for me to read this, is perfect.  I’ve been listening to talks about beholding and seeing and attending.  Our pastor has been preaching about beholding Christ, seeing and not being blind.  I appreciated the exploration of this theme by Wright.

One more to go … hope she’s writing more!

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