Book Review: In Vital Harmony by Karen Glass (Audio Book)

In Vital Harmony: Charlotte Mason and the Natural Laws of EducationIn Vital Harmony: Charlotte Mason and the Natural Laws of Education by Karen Glass
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I started in February with reading and I restarted via Audible on May 1 and finished the audiobook today. I do plan to finish reading the print book as well.

I’ve come, this year, to appreciate audiobooks that just keep me going through the book. When reading print, I often get bogged down in wanting to understand all of the nuances and details that it can take a long time – if ever, before I finish. With audio … I can just keep going. Knowing that I plan to go back and read the text helps me. I like the global picture that audio forms and filling in the details with text. Whole to parts.

Glass pulls together Charlotte Mason’s educational principles in a multi-faceted whole. As she puts together the jigsaw puzzle of Mason’s principles, Glass argues – thoughtfully and persuasively – that two principles are the border and the others relate to those as they fill in the picture.

But she doesn’t stop there, Glass takes that framework and helps the reader know how the principles work out in the day to day, in the individual studies and practices of a CM education.

Glass’s writing is clear and makes deep ideas understandable, graspable.

Donna-Jean Breckinridge can read me anything she wants to. While there are places where editing is obvious, they are not bothersome and her generally smooth reading adds both enjoyment and understanding. She not only reads the words, but clearly agrees with them.

Highly recommended to the new and the experienced CM educator alike.

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