Book Review: Code of Silence by Sally S Wright

Code of SilenceCode of Silence by Sally S. Wright

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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I would probably give this one 3.5 stars; I thought it was the weakest of the books.

I still enjoyed it.  It was less a mystery and more suspense.  There was one particularly difficult scene.

I had a much harder time discerning the theme to this book than to others despite the title.  Code of Silence, as I think about it, was considering ideas of when it is right and wrong to speak; what information needs shared and what doesn’t; speaking for the oppressed or not.

I think some plot points were lost – what happened to the turquoise car? or the concussion? The story just didn’t seem to be as tight as the earlier books – enough to make me question whether this *was* an earlier work that was published out of order – the story takes place some time before Publish and Perish. 

I enjoyed it because I like Wright’s writing style and Ben Reese as a character.  I wouldn’t recommend starting with this book.

I’m sorry to come to the end of the books; I hope Wright is working on more! I’d like to find out what happens to Dr. Reese and the building at Alderton and other plot lines …

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