Are you going to a Convention this year?

I have resources for you!

A number of years ago, I wrote this post: Homeschool Conference Essentials.  I find that this is how I pack and prepare.

I also wrote about my Convention Binder which is my main tool.

I wrote about them again for Pam and interviewed another friend as well: Don’t go to the homeschool convetion without this handy tool.

I helped a little with this post from Pam Barnhill – a pictures and a tip – but it’s super helpful and the forms are so pretty! How to the the most out of the Homeschool Convention

So Tired, Brain Hurts, But Here are the Big Ideas I Promised (2015 wrap-up) Kortney Garrison of One Deep Drawer made this Word Cloud for me:

A post-convention post mortem: 2016 GHC Reflections

2017 Big Ideas Word Art:

Finally, I was honored to be invited to talk about Conventions with The Homeschool Sisters on their Episode #34

My friend Amy wrote this exceptional blog post about how to take away ideas rightly.

Have fun! Talk to people. Smile. Learn. Love. 
Homeschool Professional Development is a wonderful thing for Homeschool Moms. 
If you see me in Cincinnati this year, I’d love to say hi! and see how your Convention is going.

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