2015 Homeschool Changes: Narration Changes


One of the similarities between Charlotte Mason and WTM is the idea of narration.  One of the big differences is how narration is done.

We have done written narration as one sentence per “grade” in school for each reading.  So, first graders write one sentence.  Third graders write three.  We’ve done this for literature, science, and history readings. 

And it is often a battle (unless they’re allowed to type, but then the sentences are long, involved, and a bit rambling. Wonder where they get that?)

Now I’m learning new methods of narration which include more creative means of narration.  I haven’t learned yet.  Don’t have all the details, but here are some resources I’m using to learn:

Simply Charlotte Mason: Narration Ideas
Simply Charlotte Mason’s new eBook: Five Steps to Successful Narration
Afterthoughts: Myth: Reading and narration are the sum total of a CM education 
Afterthoughts: 31 Days of Charlotte Mason: Narration by Karen Glass {Day 16} 
Afterthoughts: Narration and the Single Reading
Afterthoughts: Narration through Conversation

AmblesideOnline: Topical CM Series Narration 
AmblesideOnline: Some Thoughts on Narration
Expanding Wisdom: Narration ~ An Introduction

What are some of your favorite narration resources?

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  1. None of my children have ever struggled with writing- even my struggling readers delight in "writing" by telling me what to write. 🙂 we've always done a minimum of 3 sentences- I'm often working with 2 or more so we will do the narration together on the white board, everyone saying one sentence. We use IEW to add in dress ups. As they get older, I require longer & more complicated narration but just to a point- I save a lot of writing instruction for later & let narration just be about them remembering what they learned.

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